woensdag 23 januari 2008

Little world

I made a little world today
in the palm of my hand
And looked away and after that
I tried to understand
I would not even say that I
made wonders happen today
Even if I did, and still I wont
it would be wrong to say
I kept it little just to start
but when it grew and grew
It became more then I could
and better then I knew
I made a little world today
a world so safe and kind
I will put it in your hand my love
cause I don't think you will mind


1 opmerking:

Anoniem zei

Weet niet eens of het aansluit. Maar kwam bij me op, toen ik vandaag je engelse kronkels las.

Who at daylight
the curtens close
and candles light

who at daylight
wants time to stop
and blanket sprite

who at daylight
hide in warm arms
and let fire light

will at daylight
lose what it held
and more then that